Praise for debut album “Sliding On Glass”

“The Judy Night Quintet have a  terrific sense of tone and melody, playing in a very relaxed way, with high levels of communication, interplay and harmony.  It’s a wonderful listen.” — Jim Hymes, “Making A Scene”, January 7, 2019

“Really interesting sonic palette she uses! Nice comps.” — Bradley Stone, “The Creative Source”, January 31, 2019

“[Sliding On Glass] is highly enjoyable and engaging. It showcases Night’s versatility and her skills as a composer and performer as well as the cohesive synergy of the band. Given this and the variety of the material within Sliding on Glass will definitely have a wide appeal.” — Hrayr Attarian, Chicago Jazz Magazine, January 28, 2019

“High minded piano jazz like you would expect from an analytical mind that grew up digging King Crimson, she knows her way round making some sitting down, listening jazz that keeps you mesmerized in your seat.” — Chris Spector, Midwest Record, December 29, 2018

“A clever mix of interpretations from Boomer radio hits.” — George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly, February 28, 2019

  • Achievements:
    • Chicago’s Jazz Radio WDCB, Featured CD Of The Month
    • Major airplay in top markets Boston, New Orleans, Kansas City, San Francisco, Philadelphia and more.
    • Top 100 CDs on US Jazz Week National Jazz Chart.
    • Major International internet radio including Soul and Jazz and European Jazz Union


Join me and my quintet monthly at 210 Live, 210 Green Bay Rd, Highwood, IL.  Come say Hello at 210 Live Thursdays-Sundays.  I’ll be there, and often I’ll be sitting in with the band for a tune or a set.

My new CD is now available at: for a digital copy, or for a physical copy visit online or 210 Live at 210 Green Bay Rd. in Highwood, IL, where it can be personalized.


The Quintet

Justin Kramer – Drums

Jackson Kidder – Bass

Brian Wilkie – Guitar

TC Furlong – Pedal Steel Guitar

Judy Night – Piano, Hammond Organ


At 210 Live, 210 Green Bay Rd, Highwood, IL:

Judy Night Quintet, 7pm, Sunday, March 23

Judy Night Quintet, Sunday, April 14

Judy Night Quintet, Sunday, May 26